This is an engrossing psychological thriller
that is darkly intriguing

-Literary Titan


So many “WOW I didn’t see that coming” scenes. But all of them realistic and never embellished. All believable. The ending is mesmerizing. It will remain with you for some time

-Shelly K., Edmonton AB



I couldn’t put it down

-Giselle Kacy

A new novel by Don Banting

Burning Rage

Emotionally neglected by her parents, bullied by her school peers and shunned by society, thirty-eight year old, unappealing, lonely Jess embarks on a mission of revenge. It is now up to her to release decades of pent up anger.

About the Author

Don Banting has a child and youth care diploma and a teaching degree.  Burning Rage is Don’s second published book. Don has written four  screenplays along with several short stories. Don’s interests include  probability, philosophy, crime and psychology. Don has always cared for the  less fortunate and donates his time and monetarily to several worthy agencies  in Edmonton. Don currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 

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